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  Thank you for taking an interest in looking at these drawings. I ponder what you would initially think of them, hopefully, it's a positive admoration, yet the question allways remains, once a work of art has been completed, who's is it?
And does it matter what the artist thinks?
We all think from our current memories, based simply on that day, that month, or that year...the art could simply live those moments alone.
All we really know is, once we look at it, it changes our perspective for a moment, and it's valid.

But Mierte's concept is about our planet 'Mother Earth' and the effect we've had with our presence. This is the basis for these creations.

The flower, represents earth and it's natural creations that live, like any other. While spreading its roots into our skin, we accept the beauty they behold.
The circuitry running over the subject represents the technologies we use everyday, making us brilliant.
And as the person rests on a bed of rock, revealing concerns for the ground we keep, the swirling waves reflect thoughts of imbibing nature, with a desire to preserve it.

* * *

Mierte (1971) is a self taught artist that has been regularly showing underground in Montreal since 1994, where restaurants and unofficial galleries exhibit solo work. 'Cool loft parties' and other group showings with some serious intent in Toronto ( Valis, a multimedia film & sound studio) , New York City (Cutting room, a recording studio on broadway), and in Vermont with the past annual PBS art auction, televised in the spring, which included a presentation at the renouned Mcord museum and the museum in Plattsburgh. She landed "odd artist jobs" such as portrait commissions, "the official starving artist", cartoonist, poster designer, flamboyant extra, for a movie production put on by Seventh Art productions called "A World Without Men" ( She also produced and animated several websites, and corporate print jobs.

Mierte stepped out from a four year seclusion compiling for this recent body of work. The first collection consisted of 28 drawings, ink on thick paper some with watercolor, and one 7ft x 5ft acrylic painting. The first underground exhibition was for six months starting in march 2003 at the World Beat on de la Montagne, Then for four months at the Claremont restaurant in Westmount, the Blizzarts on St. Laurent blvd ( one month), the Foufounes Electriques for the summer, Esparanza on St. Laurent blvd.. ...Brooklyn, for eight months, and on it goes, they continue to sell, and continue being produced, it's a good life, solidly sustaining itself... Some pictures of ongoing and past underground events. in words, presently, there are three local underground shows and an online shop: with Cool Tshirts and posters designed with you in mind!
Mierte has recently turned into an internet hermet and would so love to chat with you!   Or on Facebook:

* * *

Oh no, there's more!
Custom made frames by Mierte herself, years of experience mean they are durable, for the windiest of homes, the Foufounes Electriques is a good example, with two open terraces!
-There's circuitry embedded on the sides too! an extension of the uniqueness of these drawings.
-Behind both glass and plexy glass.
-Black matt board encompassing them.

Generally, two standard sizes:
-48" x 40" origionals vary in prices within thousands.
-27" x 33", just under one thousand bones.

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All the best to you,
and thanks again!