M I E R T E   W A N T S   T O   S H O W   W I T H   Y O U

  Mierte wants to be YOUR artist! Contact Mierte and she'll meet you! Conventional/Unconventional art shows as entertainment, whatever, it'll be gorgeous!  Rentals too, with years of experience, even for the windiest of homes!

  Are you a musician?
Mierte has years of experience in graphic arts, from corporate print jobs, website design with programmed animations in Flash and HTML, scanning, digital photography, and traditional photography...and bilingual.

C D  C o v e r   d e s i g n s
   -->Selected portions of the drawings can be merged into any cool image! It takes a creative mind with vision... the tools to do it...competent communication skills, and the integrity to finish on time. Evidently, this is under 'the Mierte umbrella', or is that a roof ?

B a c k   D r o p s  f o r   s t a g e
   -->Blown up prints, mounted on light or sturdier supplies, framed behind plexy glass, as rentals, for the occasional, or cart it around with you for ever...beautiful!

B a c k d r o p   C u r t a i n s
   -->with a fresh origional Mierte painting or favorite print.

S l i d e   P r o j e c t i o n s
   -->Slide projectors are available here.

L i v e   P a i n t i n g
   -->On a large canvas too!

O t h e r   i d e a s ?

burned CD's of the drawings are available at high speed internet aswell.
   -->this is unlimited, and printing costs are cheap!